How to join us

Participation in the activities of the EOSK is exclusively for its members. Exclusion is allowed only for first membership in a non-member. For participation and future activities

and if the conditions are met, membership is required. Departures will take place from the sports park

Participation in the club’s excursions will be accepted until the last Thursday of each excursion to the respective coordinator, by phone or in the evening 8-10 in the evening. For activities requiring a bus or haven, participation must be made at least 10 days in advance and be accompanied by the costs.

The paths and pace of the course are adapted to the team’s capabilities and are designed to keep the team united, so any kind of competition is forbidden. The association aims to get to know the mountain and nature of its members and friends, to love it and to protect it, so it organizes excursions to get all the participants to the destination.

Participants are good at first taking part in the easiest trips and then proceeding to the toughest for better adaptation to the difficulties of the mountain. Each member of the team bears the responsibility of his individual integrity, knowing in advance the degree of difficulty of the activity in which he participates. Minors must have a written permission from their guardian or be accompanied by him.

The Coordinators of each climb have the right to change the trip schedule even unannounced or exclude participation in someone if they feel they do not meet the conditions relating to skill, discipline and equipment. Information about the program, possible changes, the difficulty, the equipment required, is made by the ascent coordinators.