What is hiking

Hiking is the physical activity in which we walk by walking a long distance. We can distinguish three categories of hiking depending on the degree of difficulty her on simple hiking, mountain hiking and mountaineering


It is the simplest form of hiking. With a minimum distance of 5 km, ie one to two hours, it is made on a non-sloping terrain with light equipment, which consists of athletic shoes or shoes (trekking boots), lightweight fitting clothing depending on the season, and a small backpack where you can get some water and snack. It is the type of hiking that is accessible to everyone, as long as it is good for its health. Simple hiking can be done anywhere there is a suitable setting, in a forest, on a mountain, by the sea.

The main feature of the routes is that they are on smooth ground and have no high altitude differences. Simple hiking is an excellent physical activity.

2. Mountain trekking

It is the second step of hiking. Here, the distance of 15-20 km and 5 to 8 hours are the rule, but the kilometers in relation to the hours lose little value because the ground is mountainous and can be difficult, so a few kilometers per hour. Statistics have found that the average hourly speed is 3-4 km / h. The equipment is specialized and especially in the winter it is necessary to be suitable. The main characteristics of mountain hiking are the altitude difference, it can reach 500 to 600 meters and at altitudes above 1000 meters people who can take part in mountain hiking should have already made simple hikes and be able to face possible difficulties.

3. Mountaineering

Mountaineering is the most difficult form of hiking. A common goal of mountaineering is to conquer some mountain peaks. The average speed is 2 – 3 km / h. 300 meters altitude can be traveled in one hour and 1000 meters in 4 hours. A typical mountaineering climb lasts 7 to 10 hours along with a return. When the field is frozen we need special winter equipment (cramp, poller) and good knowledge of their handling ..