Elatakos refuge

The “Elatakos” mountain refuge is located at an altitude of 1450 meters, in the educational forest of Belokomy, above the village of Zygoyanneika (Kedros), in a stunning location and with a magnificent view towards Lake Plastira. It is a one-storied wooden building of 17 sq.m. with 6 beds (a total of 12 people), built in 1996 by Karditsa Development, which is visited by hundreds of mountaineers, hikers, excursionists, ecotourists, students, motorcyclists and hunters, as shown in the visitors’ , is the passage of many paths to the Agrafa peaks and the main path that connects Lake Plastira with the village of Agrafa (35 km long). The  refuge since it was built, no maintenance has been done, except for the volunteer efforts of our club members on an annual basis. The building had suffered considerable damage both in its static and in its functionality and safety. A few years ago EOSK launched a sustained effort to maintain and upgrade, and after coordinated actions and very volunteer work, it was painted, new shutters were made, a warehouse for materials, a toilet, a shed for wood, a fencing in the surrounding area and several other works, so that we can restore it and become a real refuge, perhaps the only self-managed in Greece, with highly praised reviews by its visitors. In the refuge one can reach from the main road of Lake Plastira, from two paths, one from Melissi, where the central path K1 leads to the shelter, and from there to the Petsaluda, Souflista and Borlero peaks and the second from the place Alonaki, where K11 passes, goes up to the Observatory and continues to find the K1 that leads to the refuge.