Background and actions of EOSK

The Greek Mountaineering Association of Karditsa (EOSK) was founded in 2006 by a group of troubled citizens who loved nature and the mountain and with the main purpose of promoting nature, mountain sports, volunteering, solidarity, environmental protection, the dissemination of sustainable development and the protection of our cultural heritage.

During these years, EOSC has attempted to develop actions on many levels, based on the triptych: activities, education, volunteering.

The first is the mountain activities that include all the sports of the mountain and nature. The club implements with great success every year a rich program, including hiking, mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, canyoning, river trekking and rafting – kayak, .

The second is to train members and friends of the club. To this end, the club organizes annual training sessions for its members. Climbing, mountaineering, mountain hiking, canyoning, seminars, lessons are some of those that have been organized with great success and of course the effort continues.

The third is volunteering consisting of many different factions. In principle, it is environmental protection, sustainable development and civil protection. It has occasionally organized several actions to protect the environment and sustainable development, either by the EIC or by other bodies and collectives. Since 2007 (after major fires in the country), a voluntary forestry and emergency intervention team has been established, with civil protection actions (earthquakes, floods, fires, rescues). As early as 2008, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection has incorporated EOSK into its register, as a recognized Volunteer Organization, is an active member of the network of voluntary organizations in the prefecture of Karditsa and cooperates with state institutions when needed. The group consists of twenty people trained in similar actions as well as in crisis management. Every summer he manages firearms and also makes group patrols in the forests of our region for the prevention and timely treatment of fires. There have also been several visits to schools to inform children about environmental issues. The club is a founding and active member of the Network of Carriers and Citizens for the Protection of the Agraph in an effort to keep our nature and mountains intact, mainly from the threatened “green” energy investments.

Another action that the club has also been developing and cultivating is collaborating with other similar clubs and the results are already evident. Many mountaineering and nature clubs as well as groups of climbers and hikers have visited our region and have walked on our marked paths, thus contributing to the mild and sustainable tourism development of the area. It also has close co-operation with other climbing clubs in neighboring prefectures with many joint actions, but has continued cooperation with local community and its stakeholders. He has worked for various events and events with almost all the institutions and collectives of the city. The Cycling Club, the Speleological Club, the Photography Club, the Cinema Club, the Rescue Team, the Cosphera, the Smokovo Sport Club and the Prefectural Administration, the Municipality of Karditsa, the Municipality of Sofades, the Municipality of Mouzaki, the Municipality of Plastira, the Center for Environmental Education of Mouzaki, ANKA, the Wood and Furniture TEI, the Forestry Technological Educational Institute, the Archaeological Service, the Archaeological Museum and several Primary Schools and Gymnasia are some of them with whom they have developed joint actions.

But EOSK has developed strong environmental and social action in recent years. Organizes environmental celebrations, participates in afforestation and land cleansing, but also has an active participation in the Refugee Solidarity Initiative, which is made up of institutions and collectives of the city with a rich activity in both information and food, clothing and medicine collectionfor for the refugees.

Another form of volunteering, which is probably the most important part, is the paths, because we believe that the old paths are the history and culture of a place. EOSK, with the help of its members, carries out a permanent program of preservation, signaling and recording with accurate topographical digitization (with the GPS system), many of the old forgotten hiking and mountaineering paths but also opens new ones, making them safe for use by all and not just by climbers-hikers. It has already marked more than 150 km of trails in our Prefecture and continues. The goal is to make a network with all Agraph paths in a single way of recording and marking. Of course, this is a very ambitious project, since it is difficult to complete, but it will be a retention for the next generation.