The Greek Mountaineering Association of Karditsa (EOSK) is an association of people who love nature, with action inspired by offering for the protection of the environment, spreading sustainable development and protecting our cultural heritage.

His members and friends are involved in mountain activities such as hiking, mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, river trekking, rafting as well as mountain biking and mountaineering.

They make recordings, cleaning, maintenance and signaling of mountain paths, linking to these valuable cultural attractions and their promotion, thus contributing to a mild and sustainable tourism development.

In these few years of the club’s history, we have ascended to most of the country, but also to a few abroad, always with love and respect for the mountain that hosts us, not to “defeat” or “conquer,” as they recklessly say many, forgetting that nature is great and eternal, while we are small and ephemeral.

For us the climb to the top is not a supreme purpose. The top is the goal, but our purpose is the journey, which is the means to learn every time from the order of nature and man.

We cross the forests, gorges and rivers and climb to the peaks to experience the grandeur of nature, enjoying its beauty. To learn companionship, to demand our freedom, to learn from nature and to reach a balance with it and ourselves.

EOSK is neither wanting to become a closed club of extreme activities. We want a club open to everyone, young children and adolescents who want to experience nature, the bigger ones who want a healthy activity to improve their physical condition and their mental uplift, those who ask for something more and want to try their limits and, of course, all those who love the environment and want to protect it.

We invite you all to support the effort of the club, to join us, to enjoy our mountains with security and companionship, and especially in the difficult times we live in, the activities we propose are of low cost and high enjoyment.

However, all these mountains, which we have walked so far and that we want to walk in the future, will no longer be welcomed if we let the plans of the green developers strike because they will be destroyed irrevocably, at the altar without any profit, and we urge everyone to be vigilant.

Good ascents !!!

For the Greek Mountaineering Association of Karditsa (EOSK)

Pantelis Manolis Chairman of the Board of Directors