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Agrafa Evritanias

Agrafa Evritania

Two – day nature – mountaineering – activist meeting

Saturday 23/6
• 18.00: Meeting at Town Hall Square, touring the village, informing and chatting with the residents about the upcoming wind farms in the area
• 20.30: Meet the mountaineering clubs of Evritania and Karditsa
• 20.45: “The development of the Agrafa paths” Presentation by Apostolis Pantelis, director of EOS Karditsas
• 21: “From Pindus to Olympus” (1979), short screening of Dimitris Kossias (honorary president of EOSK)
• 21.30: “Aborigines, mild tourist development or conversion into an industrial zone?” Christos Fasoulas, “Network and Citizens Network for the Protection of the Agraph”
• 22.00: View video clips and photos on Agrafa
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Sunday 24/6

 07 00 mountaineering group, climbing from the village of Agrafa (700m) for Niala 1700m) – Katakhaia peak (2002m) / 5 hours + return
 08 30 hiking group, climb to Nialas / 3,5 hours + return

Views of Greece

The photo of the views of Greece in Lake Plastira

Lake Plastiras … yet it is Greece!
I did not believe in my eyes when I first criticized it …! Small rivers, spruce fir trees, alpine beaches and a lake “gem” that overflows with all the charm of the Agraphian mountains. “Yes, this place is from … Agrafa !!!” I thought … A place that along the way marked me left an indelible impression, both in my memory and in my heart … !!