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Ascending the EOSK in Kazarma

Προς την κορυφή Ζυγουρολίβαδο (Καζάρμα) 1977μ.

Την Κυριακή 22 Απριλίου στην διαδρομή Ανθοχώρι – Καμάρα – Εννέα Βρύσες – Κορυφή Ζυγουρολίβαδο (Καζάρμα) 1977μ. ο φίλος μας Θανάσης Γκαλιμάνας τράβηξε τις πρώτες εναέριες λήψεις από δράση του συλλόγου. Τον ευχαριστούμε θερμά!Στο μικρό βίντεο η "ομάδα κορυφής" ανεβαίνει απτόητη…

Posted by Ελληνικός Ορειβατικός Σύλλογος Καρδίτσας on Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Sunday 22nd April on the Anthochori – Kamara – Nine Vrises – Zigiroilado (Kozma) peak 1977m. our friend Thanassis Galimanas pulled the first aerial shootings from club action. Thank you very much!
In the small video, the “top team” goes awry.

Save the Agrafa


A few days ago the Minister of Environment and Energy signed two permits for the installation of wind farms on the historical ridge of Nialas Agraphon.
The two large wind turbine installations are to be built in the unspoiled peaks of Agrafa in the highest altitude of Greece and around 1600 to 2000 meters (!!!) in a clean and protected Natura area, with incalculable negative consequences. If this work is done, it is the beginning of the flattening of the heart of South Pindos as it is the first of a series of wind farms that cover 80% (!) Of ridges from Evritania to Argithea !.
For the transport of huge wind turbines, away from suitable road and electricity transmission lines, it will require the opening of endless roads and the construction of high-voltage overhead lines in dense pine forests and virgin alpine meadows, in landscapes with large slopes and rivers, with enormous landscape effects and to the least studied flora and fauna of the area. A section of the 3.8 km high-voltage transmission line runs through the “landscape of special natural beauty” (TIFK) of Lake Plastira area, introducing the risk of fire in areas that until now were not aware of such serious hazards.
EOSK, naturally, opposes this environmental crime and will react with all its might.
In cooperation with the Network of Citizens and Agents for the Protection of the Agraph, a series of actions are being prepared with the principle of collecting signatures through AVAAZ and preparing for appeal to the Council of State.

We all vote here and disseminate it !!

We will not allow the destruction of Agrafa in the name of a supposedly “green development”!