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Agrafa Evritania Two – day nature – mountaineering – activist meeting Saturday 23/6 • 18.00: Meeting at Town Hall Square, touring the village, informing and chatting with the residents about the upcoming wind farms in the area • 20.30: Meet the mountaineering clubs of Evritania and Karditsa • 20.45: “The […]

Agrafa Evritanias

The photo of the views of Greece in Lake Plastira Lake Plastiras … yet it is Greece! I did not believe in my eyes when I first criticized it …! Small rivers, spruce fir trees, alpine beaches and a lake “gem” that overflows with all the charm of the Agraphian […]

Views of Greece Eftyhis Bletsas and Happy Traveler in Skay tour around Lake Plastira. From the 20th to the 25th minute we see actions of the EOSK!


Προς την κορυφή Ζυγουρολίβαδο (Καζάρμα) 1977μ. Την Κυριακή 22 Απριλίου στην διαδρομή Ανθοχώρι – Καμάρα – Εννέα Βρύσες – Κορυφή Ζυγουρολίβαδο (Καζάρμα) 1977μ. ο φίλος μας Θανάσης Γκαλιμάνας τράβηξε τις πρώτες εναέριες λήψεις από δράση του συλλόγου. Τον ευχαριστούμε θερμά!Στο μικρό βίντεο η "ομάδα κορυφής" ανεβαίνει απτόητη… Posted by Ελληνικός […]

Ascending the EOSK in Kazarma

NO TO DAMAGE OF THE COPIES A few days ago the Minister of Environment and Energy signed two permits for the installation of wind farms on the historical ridge of Nialas Agraphon. The two large wind turbine installations are to be built in the unspoiled peaks of Agrafa in the […]

Save the Agrafa